[tied] Re: Glen & Joseph's Tyrrhenian

From: Joseph S Crary
Message: 8961
Date: 2001-09-02

From Rex:

>Why follow P with T when all references to Greece are the reverse?<

Actually, the Hellenic references indicate that P is an older and
more generalized term, while T is more recent and specialized.

Rex as you understand the weakness in the dating for LB to EI Egypt,
Near East, and Aegean before the 7th century, I suggest that the
three centuries between the Sea Peoples and Tyrrhenians may soon melt
into something far less. Although Manning has placed the Thera
event at 1628 this can simply not work as it requires the early 18th
Dynasty to be moved back some 200+ years. No room for it. Manning
kind of left out the 1052 event from his Test of Time. I believe this
was because it did not fit with his conclusions. How Typical

The far better placement of this event is at 1052 and there are
several reasons why the Egyptian chrono can easily be reduced during
the 3rd Intermediate Period. At this point I remain uncommitted
either way, however a reduction would clear up a number of nagging
historical, archaeological, and linguistical questions.
This issue should come to a head and be resolved in a few years.

Any questions?

JS Crary