Re: [tied] Re: Glen & Joseph's Tyrrhenian

From: Rex H. McTyeire
Message: 8957
Date: 2001-09-02

O-:The Lemnians of the 6th century used a language very similar to

Where does the label T. come from on the above equation? Because some
called the place the Etruscans emerged Tyrrhenia?

O-: fact they are so similar that it is clear to
O-:even the most casual observer that Lemnian and Etruscan-

To this point I agree.

O-: Tyrrhenian

It is when you add this, that things get confused between a pre-Pelasgic
Aegean/Greek mainland language, peoples in Greece and (maybe) Anatolia
before EBA; and a place sometimes called Tyrrhenia in what is now Italy.

O-:had a close common ancestral language.

Etruscans and Lemnians..yes. Factor in the Tyrrhenians?

O-:We know the Lemnos people from
O-:the period of the Lemnos Stele were called Pelasgian; as a general
O-:term. Thus the Language of the Lemnos Stele is Pelasgian. Again,
O-:because Lemnian is so similar to Etruscan it is also a Pelasgian

I agree..many do not..even on the period or the direction of flow of
influence...but that still hasn't got a rats derriere to do with an
Indo-Tyrrhenian language group. There were no Aegean Tyrrhenians left
able to colonize anything by the Ninth BC, Villanovan HAS been separated
from Etruscan; even at same sites..It was...had to be..a ninth BC import
to a place already called Tyrrhenia; with a foreign language. (I say
nautical FROM the Aegean). It therefore was not Tyrrhenian..even if
Italy was the (much older) Tyrrhenian center, unless you want to put a
Tyrrhenian center to the North that sent ground waves SE and SW over a
coupla K years; and ignore the nautical aspects (hard to do with

O-: Pelasgian
O-: |__________________________________________
O-: Tyyrhenian | Pelo-Pelasgian? Attic-Pelasgian?
O-: _____ |______ |
O-: Lemnian Etruscan Raetic

Why follow P with T when all references to Greece are the reverse? Back
Tyrrhenian up to before Pelasgian..vary some substrate...and spread the
Pelasgian. Why Not (?) :


Westward->Pelasgian (dominates/mixes w/) Tyrrhenian (Dies

Displaced by Greek
Neo-Pelasgian(w/Tyrrhenian substrate)

_______ spread from Aegean center
NAUTICALLY and survived only as_
|Lemnian |
Etruscan | Raetic*

(*earlier Aegean import {me- before
9th}or corrupted Etruscan {Livy-after 9th})