Re: [tied] French stuff

From: romilly@...
Message: 8920
Date: 2001-09-01

--- In cybalist@..., "Glen Gordon" <glengordon01@...> wrote:
> Marc:
> >>La plus belle fois qu'on m'a dit
> >> "je t'aime"
> >> c'├ętait un mec
> >> qui me l'a dit...
> >>Francis Lalane
> >
> >
> >What's a "mec"?
> Quoi? Tu n'a jamais vu ce slang?! It means "gars" or "homme".
> A female "mec" is called a "meuf" (backwards for "femme"). You
> refer to your parents as "rep" and "rem" ("dad" and "mom"). Wow.
> I can't believe you don't know. Where have you been?

This could be a modern shift in meaning. I seem to recall, in
ancients texts of the 40s/50s, "mec" meant 'pimp'; his girl was a
"mome". But OTOH, perhaps old underworld slang took perfectly
harmless mec 'gars, homme' for its own nefarious use. I'm not
familiar with the lines quoted-- either meaning might fit...?