Re: [tied] Anouilh

From: Marc Verhaegen
Message: 8871
Date: 2001-08-30

>>>Well, this is how I pronounce things:
>>>"grenouille" [gRo"n'nui] (the ending is more [i] than [j])
>>>"Louis" [lu'i]
>>>"Anouilh" [anu'i] Glen
>>No, it's [gR&'nuj] and [a'nuj]. Marc
>... But with rounded schwa in [gR&'nuj], right?

Slightly perhaps. Not necessarily IMO. Perhaps your rounded schwa is
influenced by the [u]?

>Does it matter
>if one pronounces the first syllable with a final -n as above?

No final -n in the first syllable IMO.

>for Anouilh, if one can say Louis as [lu'i] (We seem to agree here)
>then, I'm sure that regardless of the proper pronunciation
>of the name, there are no doubt even native French speakers just
>as confused as I am when pronouncing that freaky name.

Probably, yes.

>But, now that I know, I'll pronounce it properly from now on,
>thanx! Glen