[tied] Re: Views about Etruscan

From: Joseph S Crary
Message: 8783
Date: 2001-08-28

Herodotus, The Histories


[2] historeôn de heuriske Lakedaimonious kai Athênaious
tous men tou Dôrikou geneos tous de tou Iônikou. tauta gar
ên ta
prokekrimena, eonta to archaion to men Pelasgikon to de Hellênikon

Then on inquiring [he] found [the] Lakedaimonious and Athênaious
[the] former case the Dôrikou race followed by the Iônikou as
preferred, from the beginning in this case a Pelasgikon and
Hellênikon peoples.

He found by inquiry that the chief peoples were the Lacedaemonians
among those of Doric, and the Athenians among those of Ionic stock.
These races, Ionian and Dorian, were the foremost in ancient time,
the first a Pelasgian and the second a Hellenic people.

Here it appears the Athenians are called a formerly Pelasgian people
that were Hellenized