[tied] Re: Views about Etruscan

From: Joseph S Crary
Message: 8777
Date: 2001-08-27


there are a large number of 5th and 4th centuries Hellenic references
to Pelasgian. However, I believe the one you want is this:

Herodotus, The Histories

houtos ôn ho Otanês ho enkatizomenos es touton ton thronon,
tote diadochos genomenos Megabazôi tês stratêgiês,
te heile kai Kalchêdonious, heile de Antandron tên en têi
gêi, heile de Lampônion, labôn de para Lesbiôn neas heile
Lêmnon te
kai Imbron, amphoteras eti tote hupo Pelasgôn oikeomenas.

At any rate this Otanês took over the seat, then succeeded
Megabazôiin [in] the office [of] governor. [He] seized Buzantious,
Kalchêdonious, Antandron in the Trôiadi, and Lampônion, then
alongside [and] took Lesbiôn [with] ships seized Lêmnon and
both of which at this time were still inhabited [by] Pelasgôn.

This Otanes, then, who sat upon that seat, was now made successor to
Megabazus in his governorship. He captured Byzantium, Calchedon,
Antandrus in the Troad, and Lamponium, and with ships he had taken
from the Lesbians, he took Lemnos and Imbros, both of which were
still inhabited by Pelasgians.

Here the people of Lemnos are called Pelasgian near the time the
lemnos text was inscribed. Thus, it is no stretch to conclude that
Lemnos was a Pelasgian language and by extension so was Tyyrhenian.
No? I believe this deminstrates that there are Pelasgian texts
availble, they are just called Tyyrhenian. Since Herodot was from
Anatolia I dont think he was wrong.

JS Crary