Joseph's twisted views about Etruscan

From: Glen Gordon
Message: 8756
Date: 2001-08-27

Joseph Crary:
>Awaiting the coming storm, hope this helps

Indeed. This here is a blatant confession to Joseph's
misinformation, ignorance and pretence since there should be no
reason to fear a storm if one's words are informed and

>The relationship of the Alpine Rhaetic to Etruscan is a little

This statement floors me. Ridiculous. The name "IndoTyrrhenian"
and "Tyrrhenian" were already used by others online like Miguel
Vidal by the time I was personally aware of the relationship of
IE and Tyrrhenian. I have no clue what you're ranting about but
it's very wrong.

As I said, the relationship of Rhaetic and Etruscan is NOT at all
controversial, Anne. There are many respectable online and offline
resources that acknowledge the link between these two languages.
Etruscan-Rhaetic ties are part of mainstream thinking:


Here in his admittedly ugly homepage, Claudio Salvucci
(linguistic author) states:
"Only two languages show a resemblance to Etruscan:
Rhaetic, described below, and an even closer language
recorded on inscriptions and pottery from the Greek
island of Lemnos."


Here too, this perfectly mainstream site states:
"A strange sample of writing was found on the island of
Lemnos in the Aegean Sea. Written in an alphabet close to
Etruscan, it was made in the unknown language, also
related somehow to Etruscan and Rhaetic."

3. The piece de resistance is a quote from the respectable
and delightfully conservative Mr Larry Trask at the
University of Sussex. His post on Etruscan is shown at:

Larry Trask is a well-rounded, highly knowledgeable scholar
specializing in Vasconic linguistics who can be quoted online

"Raetic, recorded in the Alps, was pretty clearly related
to Etruscan. Lemnian, recorded on the island of Lemnos,
also appears to have been related to Etruscan."

From posting with him on the LinguistList, I know that he
abhors loose relationship theories. So, if he gives his
stamp of approval on something and goes so far as to
say "pretty clearly", it must be a kosher view.

One wonders from what trashcan Joseph obtains his faulty
information and his license for unsupportable assertions.

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...wEbDeVEr gOne bEsErK!

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