Re: [tied] Re: Hi and question

From: Christopher Gwinn
Message: 8751
Date: 2001-08-26

> I thought Welsh was listed as part of the Celtic language group?

Welsh is indeed a Celtic language - but when you are speaking of single
Celtic languages, and not the language family as a whole, the term "Celtic"
only really refers to the parent language of the modern branches - otherwise
called Common Celtic or Proto-Celtic (I suppose you could use Celtic as
another name for Gaulish, however, as this does have an historical
precedence from the ancient period).

>I dunno how old the name is, and wasn't trying to specify it

The name Arianrot appears in the collection of Welsh legends called the
Mabinogion, which was assembled in circa 1050 AD.

> I was hoping for a bit more
> detailed analysis. What do you mean the 'forms' are not related? :)

This means that they come from different roots at the Proto Indo European

- Chris Gwinn