Re: [tied] Glen's Strange Rule

From: P&G
Message: 8748
Date: 2001-08-26

> Peter:
> >Doesn't modern French use a rounded mid vowel as its neutral vowel? >As
> >"le" (when the e is sounded)? Or am I mistaken?
> Yes. Even unrounded in rapid speech, if I'm pronouncing everything
> correctly. (In fact some Quebecois francophones may be heard saying
> an unrounded /E~/ for "un" as well.)

The use of unrounded /E~/ for "un" etc (also in "Parfum" and some other
words) is very common in France as well. But I consistently hear a rounded
mid central vowel for the "I wonder what I'm going to say next" vowel, and
in "le" etc. Books are not the best guides for this sort of thing, but the
book I have says:
"... pronunciation varies from one individual to another, but, generally
speaking, it is a mid front vowel pronounced - and this is an important
point to be borne in mind - with rounded lips. It is therefore pronounced
in the same general area as [o/] or [OE]"

The words "with rounded lips" are in italics.

Any French French speakers out there, as opposed to Canadian French?