Møller, Bomhard and the whole IE-AA schmoo

From: Glen Gordon
Message: 8745
Date: 2001-08-26

>In that is so, perhaps someone should tell Bomhard to remove M�ller
>from his list of references. On the other hand, that would be
>intellectually dishonest, since IE-AA cognates first published by
>M�ller are all over Bomhard's list. Perhaps you should move Bomhard's
>books to your basement, along with your Kurt Cobain records?

I never got into the Kurt Cobain craze but I did like Weird Al
Yankovic's spoof "Smells like Nirvana". It was funny up until
the suicide... then it wasn't so funny. On to your M�ller obsession.

M�ller never published anything in way of substance concerning
these long-range comparisons because he ignored (perhaps
purposefully) the sheerly immense span of time seperating the two
languages and the obvious possibilities for mutual contact after
Nostratic seperation that would obscure relationship over these past
seventeen thousand years! Given this, it's beyond me how you can
insist on deifying him as a true source of information. My ideas
on Nostratic are based on others too, but this doesn't mean that
any single reference of might put in my bibliography one day are
a large wealth of ideas.

Without fully understanding the intermediate stages of either
language group (which we don't at all as it currently stands),
the above two factors (span of time, later mutual contact)
cannot adequately weed out reality from fantasy. I feel IE and AA
*are* ultimately related but deeper thinking must be devoted to
this problem. Certainly, making Greenbergian word lists does
nothing to help and is only acid to a sore.

Unfortunately, even today, Nostraticists are still ignoring
rather than remedying the problems existant with properly proving
genetic relationship between IE and AA. If Bomhard should use
M�ller in his references, it explains well the disappointing
lack of detail in his work in this regard.

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