From: Glen Gordon
Message: 8734
Date: 2001-08-24

>Would you like to share details of your thoughts with the list? I presume,
>from your mention of /lasana/, that you must be talking about the Amathus

Yes, it's located at
where the Greek translation is given as "he polis he Amathousion
Aristona Aristonaktos Eupatriden". My impression is that the
Greek translation is loosely done as if it were a quick extra
task that nobody wanted to do. (Kinda like the added French
translation on Canadian labels. Nobody cares if the accents are
wrong or the grammar is off.)

The Eteocypriot version is given on this site as:

Ana matori umiesaimukulailasana arisitonose
aratovanakasokoose kerakeretulosetakanaku (?)
no (?) soli alo kailipolo.

which is a little different from what you give:

Ana matori umiesai mukulai lasana arisitonose
aratowanakasokoose kerakeretulose takana[----]soto
alo kailipoti

Hmm. Well, at any rate, some of the words look Rhaetic and some
look Lemnian or Etruscan. This is what I get out of it so far:

This city(?) was dedicated by Muku [to] the people
Ana matori umie-sai muku-lai lasana

of Aristona, of Aristonaktos [and] of the Eupatrides
Arisitono-se, Aratowanakasokoo-se Kerakeretulo-se

? gave ?
takana[----]soto/-li alo kailipoti/-lo.

I have no clue who or what Muku is :)

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