Etruscans and Herodotus

From: MrCaws@...
Message: 8613
Date: 2001-08-18

Herodotus puts the departure from Etruscans BEFORE the Trojan war.
Many theorists dismiss this as error, seeing as how there was no
Lydia before the Trojan War, and Etruria didn't develop until
centuries later.
Lydia was part of the space that made up the huge Assuwa league.
This league stretched down the entire Anatolian coast. These were
seafaring peoples. The Taruisa are listed among its members,
tentatively identified with the Etruscans. Here is where Herodotus
gets Lydia.
Movements to and from Assuwa seem to be frequent. Consider the
Lycians. They called themselves the Termilae, and were supposed to
have come from Crete. Many of the peoples in the league had
connections with Crete. Why? Minoan sea traders and mercenaries.
The Bronze age is in trouble, and there are a lot of hungry
seafaring traders and mercenaries. They wander around, pillage, look
for good land, and continue doing the sea trade thing until
eventually trade picks up and some remnants find Etruria rich with
raw metal deposits and fertile land, they settle, trade, open up
trade routes that magnify their influence and voila-The Etruscan

-Mr. Caws