[tied] Re: Uni (was: Odin as a Trojan Prince)

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Date: 2001-08-18

Actually, Greek myth might include a related story where Hera suckled
Heracles until she realized who he was. Throwing him off, her milk
produced the Milky Way. Meanwhile, Heracles received super-human
strength from her milk.

--- In cybalist@..., "Alexander Stolbov" <astolbov@...> wrote:
> Yes - theoretically. (BTW, Pre-Italic substratum - is it something
> Ligure-like ?)
> But I don't think that it really was so.
> There is a popular motif in Etruscan iconography (on bronze mirrors,
> particularly) where Hercle - an adult man with the lion skin - is
> Uni's breast. The comment inscriptions are translated usually
as "Hercle is
> becoming Uni's son".
> Hercle - obviously is not a Pre-Italic substratum hero.
> The story has no analogies with Herakles and Hera, so it can not be
> relatively late Greek borrowing.
> The situation itself looks very archaic but absolutely not
> The most probable conclusion, IMHO, - both Hercle and Uni belong to
a common
> and very old *Etruscan* mythological tradition.
> Alexander