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Date: 2001-08-16

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At any rate, no matter how Ed slices and dices,
I see ne'er a mention, not even a crack, of his */as/ in
Etruscan. (hehehe) Methinks, Ed has trouble finding Massimo
at his local lib.

Hey, not guilty your honour. It wasn't me that suggested /*as-/. I agree with
you that there is absolutely no basis for reconstructing /ais/eis/ as /*as/.

I just nitpicked in passing that, strictly speaking, your statement "This
word doesn't even exist" is not true, because the word /as/ *is* attested in
Etruscan. Twice. In fact, the same number of times as /ais/. Nobody knows
what the hell it means, of course. It isn't in Massimo Pallottino's TLE, but
you will find it in the CIE. On the other hand we can be reasonably sure that
the Etruscan /ais/ means 'god' because /aisar/aesar/ is translated as 'gods'
in two ancient glosses and may have been borrowed into some Italic languages.
(I forget which ones right now).

Ed. Robertson