Re: Odin as a Trojan Prince

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Date: 2001-08-15

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> Myth is filled with
> legendary half-truths that aren't usually accurate in a historical
> snese, but nonetheless have an underlying factual basis of some
> Aeneas makes a good case and point. The tradition making Aeneas the
> legendary patriarch of Rome etc. is obviously not historical fact.
> Connections between the Romans and Trojans are pretty
> fanciful.However, the Etruscans, whatever you believe about them,
> have significant cultural influence(maybe more than that) from W
> Anatolia. If you notice that the Roman culture borrowed a lot of
> their ideas from the Etruscans, it seems not unlikely that this
> might refer to the good old Rasna, retouched to meet Roman
> there is some truth there, even if it is obscured by its legendary
> nature and nationalistic sentiment. Skeptics might look at the part
> discussing how some of Aeneas' companions ended up settling at
> Sardinia. Connections between Etruscans and Sardinia are pretty
> numerous. Of course, theis is not to say that Aeneas was an actual
> guy, but is shows how similar traditions can have something to say
> looked at critially.
Connections between Etruscans and Carthage also abound. There's your
Dido episode.

If he was actual, he might have spoken a form of Lemnian. That would
make him an Etruscan on arrival in Italy. So the Aeneas story is the
story of an Etruscan founding the city of Rome (or of Etruria?)
> -Mr. Caws