Re: Kurgan Waves.

From: Joseph S Crary
Message: 8515
Date: 2001-08-14

Using various aspects of chronology, archaeology, and geography its
somewhat easy to reconstruct a sequence for...

cascading PIE

Anatolian group splits from the western PIE group by way
of the Caucasus pushing out Hurric. western PIE group pushes,
extricate, or accelerates Uralic expansion out of the southern
Ukraine. Western PIE group streams west into central and western
Europe creating proto- or Common-Celt at the leading edge, main
undifferentiated so-called post-Anatolian group in north central
Europe, and proto-Phrygian-Armenian group at the trailing or eastern
end. This to be pushed out of the southern Ukraine and split by the
eastern PIE or proto-Indo-Iranian group. The proto-Phrygian-Armenian
group split with proto-Armenian pushed into the Caucasus and proto-
Phrygian into the Balkans. Then the proto-Phrygian group split by the
intrusion of the leading edge of the proto-Indo-Iranian group into
the Balkans and Greece.

Could this reconstruction work, and could the core of a proto- or
Common Uralic language group have been situated in the southern
Ukraine before the PIE intrusion from the east? If so, could PIE have
split this Common Uralic into three segments; a northern and
northwestern group; a southeastern or Caucasus-Anatolian group; and a
southwestern Balkan-Greek group?

Any thoughts?

JS Crary