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Date: 2001-08-14

I'll try to check it when I'm back from my vac. The suggested
meanings are not quite the same, so it's likely that some
guesswork is involved. I don't know where, in what context and how
many times the words in question occur. The alternation Hittite k- :
Luwian zero is normal in etyma with initial *g^H- (but that makes it
rather difficult to relate the word to Greek kimmerio-).


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Subject: [tied], Re:, Tell me an ancient word for Steppe...Finally

Mallory, In search of... and Cyril Babarev 


Puhvel J, Dialectal Aspects of the Anatolian Branch
of Indo-
European. In Ancient Indo-European Dialects, H Birnbaum
and J. Puhvel 
(ed) Berkeley 1966.

Hittite  Luwian  given definition 
kimmara- immara-  countryside 

Korolev, A. Hitto-Luwian Languages. Languages of Asia
and Africa, 
vol. 1. Moscow, 1976.

Hittite  Luwian  given definition
Gimmara- immari-  a field, steppe


whats your opinion on this?

JS Crary

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