Meaning of Kleu - Hlot

From: Glenn Barry
Message: 8491
Date: 2001-08-14


I am new to the list and my main interest is the history of games and

I am trying to find the origin of the word hlot (hlott) and hloten
(Anglox Saxon) I gather from Teutonic - hleut, hlut, hlot, hloten,
hluto. These lead to lot, lottery,loto, lotto, loteria, loterie etc. in
the Latin languages and English and now common across many languages.

Some suggest from IU' kleu' meaning a lot or portion marked with an
identifier usually of wood used to resolve disputes, divide plunder or
property, select persons for office or duty.

Also looking for the origins of Tombola (a bingo like game), possibly
from Latin 'to tumble' as in the device used to draw the numbers from
often referred to a Tombola in collectable catalogs.

Also looking for Keno (Kino) which now refers to either a game like
Bingo, Beano (US) or Lotto (Italian) and the casino/lottery game (the
latter appears to be an adaption of the Chinese 'White Dove Game' also
known as Pakapoo (Aust English) from the Chinese pai ko pÂ’iao. There are
early reference to keno/kino in the area colonised by the French in the
USA. Perhaps it comes from French.

Any help on this much appreciated.

Glenn Barry