Re: [tied] Affects of immigrant communities in language change

From: Joseph S Crary
Message: 8425
Date: 2001-08-10

Another twist

From an earlier post:

>The name of the Ludi king Atya or Attu appears similar to the Luwian
words adduwali or at, angry and eat, respectively. <

It appears I'm wrong again

Atya appears very similar to the Etruscan word for father Ate
As this traditional figure was considered the founder of Lydia, the
use of the term father would appear appropriate.

From Etruscan:


atena of the father, family, clan /Etruscan Here ate is father and -
na seems to be a genetive suffix "of". Ural Altaic genetive suffix is
ne, na & probably related to "mother/parent".

From Uralic:


atya father; atya-fi relation, relatives; atya-fi-ság kinship,
relations. However, a few Uralic languages use ati = mother.
Hungarian- atja father/Erzya

From Hurrian-Urartian:


ate- father [ryan]

JS Crary