Re: Affects of immigrant communities in language change

From: Joseph S Crary
Message: 8390
Date: 2001-08-08

Reading some on the Etrus

hows that for Celt word order?

The archaeology of the Isles of Lemnos and Imbre

Anyhow indirectly i've noticed a major flaw in the
Etruscan-Raetian language group theory. I think its
insurmountable. The problem is all of the evidence from the Raetian
region (inscriptions) date to the period after the period Etruscan
and/or Gallic intrusion.

Using the huff-beat, horses, not zebras logic, a more likely
explanation would be these were the result of northern Etruscan
influence, either associated with Etruscan expansion into the Po
Basin, or their dispersal after the Celt intrusion.


Are there any Raetian inscriptions that can be dated before the 6th
century BC?

JS Crary