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Date: 2001-08-08

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> J Crary:
> Wait, wait. What (or whose) views specifically are you addressing?
> Etruscan is related closely to Lemnian, that much is apparent.
> Lemnian is... well, in Lemnos (duh!). This requires us to accept
> a late Etruscan voyage across the Mediterranean from the east.

> >Another problem is the Tyrrhenian foundation mythology.
> >Herodotus wrote that the Tyrrhenians were the result of a
> >sea-born western Anatolic migration. Herodotos, claimed these
> >were called Pelasgians, adding that they also
> >occupied the islands of Lemnos and Imbros, as well.
> >Interestingly, Thucydides wrote that the inhabitance
> >of Lemnos and Imbros were called Tyrrhenians.
> >Strabo. V, 2, 4, wrote that the Pelasgians-Etruscans
> >migrated to Italy with a king called Thyrrenos
> >and they were the same ethnic groups that settled several Aegean
> >isles, as well as several coastal areas.
> >This includes the Greek peninsula of Akte.
> >
> >JS Crary
> >
That all being so, is it possible to make sense of the Aeneas story,
or should it be disregarded out of hand?