Re: [tied] Re: Celtic Jutland

From: Marc Verhaegen
Message: 8378
Date: 2001-08-07

>> Skagerrak Dutch? Doesn't sound very Dutch to me? What is the
>> etymology? ...

Must be: Skager Rak, or "waterway near Skagen".

>Sailors travel about at sea, and thus are liable to carry all sorts of
>foreign words about in different directions, and to distort them to
>try to make them mean something in their own languages. For example,
>the Portuguese word [estibador] found its way by ship to England as
>"stevedore". When are the names Skagerrak and Kattegat first heard of?
>Sailors' words are not much clue for linguistic history. For example,
>Greek and Egyptian having the same word for "sack" means little, after
>the amount of sackfuls of goods that were likely carried in ships
>between the two language areas down the centuries.
>What proof is there of Celts getting as far north as Jutland? I
>thought from previous discussion on this list that Scandinavia and
>Jutland and perhaps parts of north Germany were PIE-ized from
>Finno-Ugrian and the PIE language developed into Germanic there.

I thought the same, but Glen says the Finno-Ugric languages (Lapps or
Finns-Estonians?) came there rather late. How late?