Re: [tied] Re: Celtic Jutland

From: Marc Verhaegen
Message: 8353
Date: 2001-08-06

>>By the way the Dutch word schaduwen also appears similar to
>>the name of the Danish town of Skagen, which is dominates the
>>Skaw landform. JS Crary
>I just checked some dictionaries on Danish toponymics. They all
>insist that Skagen is from Old Danish skaghi "spit of land", and that
>Skagerrak is Dutch, further that Kattegat is from Dutch = "narrow
>passage (even for a cat)". Torsten

Skagerrak Dutch? Doesn't sound very Dutch to me? What is the etymology? Rak
near Skagen? and rak = vaarwater? (cf. rekken & Lat. regere, direction...)?
Kattegat is not impossible, but so is its folk-etymological (if that is the
right term) derivation from Kwade Gat (if the Kattegat was was a dangerous