[tied] Re: Celtic Jutland

From: markodegard@...
Message: 8330
Date: 2001-08-05

I think I mentioned this earlier, but I still find it remarkable.
Oresund is in certain older (Modern) English documents simply 'The
Sound'. The remarkable thing is that it's not the Something Sound, as
in Long Island Sound, or Puget Sound. It's like The Channel or The
Atlantic, or the moon or the sun. A unique singularity. It says
something about British sailors and their world-view -- and how far
they sailed.

--- In cybalist@..., "Marc Verhaegen" <marc.verhaegen@...> wrote:
> >By the way the Dutch word schaduwen also appears similar to the
> >of the Danish town of Skagen, which is dominates the Skaw landform.
> >JS Crary
> What is the etymology of Skagerrak? Can danish Skaw be derived from
> (medieval) Dutch schaduw? rather from something like old-saxon
> If Kattegat comes from Dutch Kwade Gat (folk etymology?), it must
date from
> the Hanse times?
> Marc