Re: Celtic Jutland

From: Piotr Gasiorowski
Message: 8311
Date: 2001-08-04

<co:da> (not "conda"!) is a monophthongised variant of <cauda>. I
hope Chris Gwynn will correct me if I'm wrong, but Welsh cwt is
neither plausibly related to <cauda> nor derivable from a common
Celtic word (a back-derivation from cwta 'short, curt'?)


--- In cybalist@..., "Joseph S Crary" <pva@...> wrote:
> Torsten
> How about this
> Latin-
> Conda or Condae
> An animal tail, extreme body part, or extreme part of anything
> An or ain
> Suffix; of, pertaining or belonging to, connected to or with,
> derived or coming from
> This is likely way off base, but her goes
> Welsh-
> Cwt, cytiau, or cytau
> An animal tail, skirt, or queue
> Gan or an
> suffix, of, pertaining or belonging to
> the welsh or p-Celt word could be written as Cudan or Codan
> I still believe that the Codanus is the Skaw.
> Do you think that Kattegat is a corruption of Codanus?