Re: [tied] Loha, copper, red: any IE cognates?

From: Patrick C. Ryan
Message: 8270
Date: 2001-08-03

Dear S. Kalyanaraman and Cybalisters:

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> Patrick says weird things again:
> >It is quite possible that it might be a compound of, e.g. me5, 'water' +
> >luh, 'shine',
> The Sumerian word for water is /a/. The Semitic root
> for water is *may-.

The sign that reads a, 'water', also has the reading me5.

One may choose to interpret it as an unrecorded loanword from Akkadian (which does not have **me, 'water', but has rather mu) since *may- is a root designating water in other Afrasian languages, but then I would contend that *mVy- is a widely spread root for 'water(-course)', and may even be present in IE *mey-, 'wander, go', the basis for river-names like German Main.

Whether Sumerian mê5 is a loanword from Semitic or an inherited Sumerian word (both based in Nostratic *mo:y-) or not does not affect whether Meluhha is analyzable in Sumerian as a compound of mê5+luh+a or not.


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