Re: [tied] Loha, copper, red: any IE cognates?

From: S.Kalyanaraman
Message: 8251
Date: 2001-08-02

--- In cybalist@..., "Patrick C. Ryan" <proto-language@...> wrote:
> Dear S. Kalyanaraman and Cybalisters: > It could very well be
that 'refine' and 'wash' are here being equated, or there may be
another root involved that had the same phonetic form in Sumerian,
related to IE *leuk-. > > Urudu-luh-a might be an attemp to to
differentiate copper ores, perhaps that with -luh-a, something like
chalcopyrite is meant.> > An interesting problem that presents many
possibilities but few even relative certainties.

It could also be copper-arsenic naturally occurring alloy or a copper
pyrite. So, Me-luhh-a may refer to an area from where such copper
(refined, washed, or copper pyrite) was obtained?

But, then Lohitya (Maha_bha_rata) refers to River Brahmaputra, an
apparent reference to copper-mineral producing regions of the Central
Himalayas or to the colour red of the deritrus brought in.

We seem to have two (accidental?) language streams here? Sumerian,