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Date: 2001-08-02


I got the following from Lampiere's Classical Dictionary. It did not
give a source for it. Do you have any other details?

Odinus was a legendary hero of antiquity, supposedly living about 70
BC in northern Germany or Denmark. He was a priest, a scholar,
soldier, poet, monarch, conqueror. His superstitious countrymen
believed he could raise the dead to life and also foretell the

After extending his realm he resolved to die an uncommon death. With
his lance he made nine wounds on his body in the form of a circle. As
he died he declared he would go to Scythia to become one of the
immortal gods. He also said he would prepare biss and ease for those
virtuous countrymen who had fought with valor and died a hero's death
on the battlefield. His countrymen thereafter invoked his protection
in battle and entreated him to receive the battlefield slain.

Besides the direct parallels with the god Odinn, the identity of
Scythia as the 'land of the gods' (=Asgard) seems more than

> All Swedes who know their History know that Sweden is composed of
> tribes: Götar and Svear. But this Swedish gentleman suggests the
> Svear were newcomers to Sweden
> Perhaps their arrival should be equated with Odin's expedition to
> king Gylve at the lake Mälar (west of Stockholm)?
> This would mean that the Geats were home alone in Sweden before
> Torsten