Re: Urartu.

From: Joseph S Crary
Message: 8144
Date: 2001-07-29

I like it. sounds well thought out. What can you do with
Trêrôn, called a tribe of the Kimmeri.



[chapter 40]
kai to palaion de sunebê tois Magnêsin hupo Trêrôn
ardên anairethênai, Kimmerikou ethnous, eutuchêsantas polun
chronon, to d' hexês tous Ephesious kataschein
ton topon.

Yet in the old days, [the] Magnêsin [were] firmly put down [by]
the wave [of] Trêrôn, [a] Kimmerikou people, [who were]
successful many years, to keep and hold fast the
Ephesious place.

Traditional Rendering
In ancient times, also, it came to pass that the Magnetans were
utterly destroyed by the Treres, a Kimmerian tribe, although they had
for a long time been a prosperous people, but the Milesians took
possession of the place in the following year.

JS Crary