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Date: 2001-07-27

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> Good reply, Rex, thanks :-)

> Again, Jalal
> al Din fled from the Mongols, causing much havoc in Persia. He took
> the best of the surviving cavalry he had and ran from Genghis Khan,
> but in turn killed a lot of people in the Near East that happened to
> be in his path of flight.

We are still asking how Armenian settled itself into the
un-invade/migrate-able Caucasus, and thereby marginalizing themselves
to all-but Armenian IE scholars (post 2000 BCE, what 'stratal result
has the Armenian stock had on the other IE languages? Answer: none

As for the Cimmerians. In modern times, this has become a sexy IE
topic. Herodotus suggests they climbed over the Caucasus. The idea
they entered Anatolia over the Troad is, if not sexy, controversially
valid. Nonetheless, the idea of 'forces from the east' is probably
correct, and if the so-called Cimmerians did not trot-tolt their
ponies along the west coast of Caucasia, or along the east coast for
that matter, just perhaps they really did go over the top.

But to go 'over the top' of Caucasia, you have to have a set of
political circumstances combined with a taste for opportunism to make
it work.

I think Armenian got there as a matter of sheer luck, and persisted
for other reasons of sheer luck.