[tied], Re:, Urartu.

From: Joseph S Crary
Message: 8122
Date: 2001-07-26

Rex thanks for the information

Has there been any new work at Ukrainian Late Bronze and Early Iron
Age sites?

From what I understand there has been no investigations at Late
Bronze and very little at sites classified as early Early Iron Age,
burial or habitation. Is that true?

As the Greeks called the Kimmeri, the Assyrian called the Gimirrai.
Regardless, from what I've read this culture-ethnicity remains an
enigma largely because of the lack of large-scale detailed
archaeological investigation at Late Bronze and Early Iron Age sites
in the Ukraine.

However, if the Classical and Near Eastern sources do indeed provide
an accurate account, the Kimmeri culture was replaced by the
Scythians and there was a relatively large population displacement,
primarily into central east Europe. I've always found the timing of
the Kimmeri dispersal and the full-scale beginning of the European
Iron Age interesting.

JS Crary