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Date: 2001-07-25

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. I'm not the first to notice the name similarities between
> the Cimmerians and the Cimbri of Jutland who were, IMO, originally
> Celtic. Could they have even earlier been Cimmerians - first
> Celticized and later Germanicized?

The name of that landscape is Himmerland, earlier Himbærsyssel, south
of Ă…lborg, Denmark's fourth city, a teeming metropolis of 80,000,
since olden days the crossing point of the Limfjord, and very aware
of its Cimbrian roots (that's where my mother's family is from).
Recently I read a suggestion why migrating Cimmerians might be
interested in settling in Himmerland: the Limfjord was, then as now,
(in the late Middle Ages it was blocked by an isthmus of sand at the
western end, but the sea broke through again 200 years ago) a passage
between North Sea and Baltic, and the passage north of Jutland
(Skagen) was dangerous to ships until the advent of steam ships (no
natural harbors and three undersea sandbars all the way). Whoever
lived in Himmerland controlled the trafic between those two seas.