Re: [tied] Armenian.

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Date: 2001-07-23

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> > As for Armenian linguistic nationalism, purism and emphasis on
> at the expense of reality -- well, that's the usual instinctive
> attitude of nations that are or feel endangered. Give the Armenians
> some time to recover from the atrocities of the 20th century. The
> question "one language with many dialects, or a language family" is
> political rather than linguistic anyway.
> >
> > Piotr
> The situation in Armenian (or even that between English and
> Scots) makes an interesting contrast to the nationalistically
> definitions of Slovakian and Czech, Serb and Croat, or even Danish
> Norwegian as each being a distinct language.

One Danish 18th century writer felt that the most beautiful Danish
was spoken in Odense and Kristiania (the name then of Norway's
capital). The language Ibsen wrote in is indistinguishable from
Danish, in Norway his works are published in a modernized (or
translated) form.