Re: [tied] Re: Metathesis - The armchair linguist's favourite tool

From: petegray
Message: 7977
Date: 2001-07-19

Laryngeals and -i- forms:

> I'll have the cheek to ask for some examples ...

There are several examples in Pokorny of roots listed with three forms
(ormore) the second of which ends in schwa, and the third in i. For
mel mel& mli
3 ter ter& tri:
sphei spe: sp&
Other roors are given with two (or more) forms, one ending in a long vowel,
and the other in -i. For example:
sme: smei
Sometimes Pokorny sees these -i forms as "extensions" (eg with the *sta:
root), but not always.

Other roots with a clear final laryngeal (Pokorny schwa) do not show -i-
forms. I have often wondered if there was more than a root extenson
involved here.