Re: Armenian.

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Date: 2001-07-19

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> > My own inexpert opinion is that Armenian is most
> >directly descended from the Anatolian languages.
> Ahem. I think you need to abandon this opinion. Without denying
> may have been certain ancient Anatolian influences, the universal
> consensus denies any direct descent.

Yeah, I know. I'm just looking at it from history and archaeology. I
see no way that they could just appear out of nowhere in the post-
Assyrian period.

As far as the Greco-Armeno-Iranian language isoglosses, I've always
wondered if their was some substata of pre-IE poplations across this
area whose common language features can help explain that
commonality. Otherwise we might surmise that the early Greeks were in
close contact with the proto-Armenians and Iranians of the Pontic
steppe. However, with the Greeks peeling off first for the sunny
south, followed a millenium later by the Iranians, then about three
or four centuries later by the Armenians? I suppose the Armenians
would have followed in the wake of the Cimmerians and Scythians from
the north Caucasic steppe?