Re: Munda

From: S.Kalyanaraman
Message: 7913
Date: 2001-07-17

--- In cybalist@..., markodegard@... wrote:> I know next to nothing
about Munda, but what I've read is intriguing. > There seem to be a
set of Mundaisms that came to Indic via Dravidian > first. Munda
itself seems to have some very ancient Dravidianisms.

There is one common feature which stands out among Munda, Dravidian
and IA languages: re-duplications; e.g., khan.d.a bhan.d.a (Santali),
kan.t.a_n-mun-t.a_n (Tamil)[odds and ends, miscellaneous tools];
dhundra dhundri = to search for here and there (Santali); dhupuc
dhupuc = to be in fear; dhuk dhuk = to pant, to palpitate (Santali).
There are hundreds of examples. I think MB Emeneau had a monograph on