Re: [tied] Re: Neptune, Poseidon, Danu, etc.

From: João S. Lopes Filho
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Date: 2001-07-16

But if PIE had a mythical role for lions or tigers or cave-lions, perhaps
this role was transferred to bears.
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> > So, in summary, such a PHattic *Launon "bull" could have been
> borrowed into Tyrrhenian as *leunu and mistakingly given the meaning
> of "lion" in confusion. From there, the Tyr.word is adopted into
> Hellenic.
> This is almost plausible 8-)
> Big cats were not known in Northern Europe or the Western Steppe. The
> lion got as far as the south Balkans (to Thrace), and other big cats
> were probably in the Caucusus. The wildcat (F sylvestris) does not
> have the mythic oomph of the lion.
> To my understanding, the bull's mythic associations seem to be wholly
> borrowed into IE from the MidEast.
> It is the *HORSE* that has all the heavy mythic baggage in IE.
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