Lions among us

From: Glen Gordon
Message: 7908
Date: 2001-07-16


Mark O:

>Big cats were not known in Northern Europe or the Western Steppe. The
>lion got as far as the south Balkans (to Thrace), and other big cats
>were probably in the Caucusus. The wildcat (F sylvestris) does not
>have the mythic oomph of the lion.

Really? Interesting. That info titulates me with giddiness. So I guess we have a motive. However, the only problem is finding the reflex of *Launon in written Hattic. Ironically, from
what I've figured out so far, it appears as though it should end up as */tunu/ or */turu/. It
would be nice if I could find such a word with the mean of "lion" instead of the expected

Did I mention to yous about "Lady Three" yet? Oh well, I'll make that a seperate story.

>To my understanding, the bull's mythic associations seem to be wholly borrowed into IE
>from the MidEast.

Me agrees.

>It is the *HORSE* that has all the heavy mythic baggage in IE.

But even here, how old is this "piece of luggage"? The heavy prominence of the horse in
IE mythology might go back only so far as well.

- gLeN


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