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From: Danny Wier
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Date: 2001-07-16

Munda, I've read, is classified as one of the two branches of Austroasiatic; Mon-Khmer is the other.  Of course that is disputed.  Where are some good Munda-related websites anyway?
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Subject: [tied] Munda

I know next to nothing about Munda, but what I've read is intriguing.
There seem to be a set of Mundaisms that came to Indic via Dravidian
first. Munda itself seems to have some very ancient Dravidianisms.
As I recall, however, direct Indic-Munda borrowings are rarer (my
memory or my initial comprehension of what I read may be faulty here,

It seems there not even sure if Munda is an independent language
family or a branch of another (AustroAsian?).

The situation is sort of like Hungary, where you get Uralic, IE and
Turkic items all stirred together.