Re: [tied] Yauna or Yavana

From: Piotr Gasiorowski
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Date: 2001-07-11

The name of the Ionian Greeks (Ia:(w)ones) spread throughout the Near East and then into Iran and India, assuming local forms such as Hebrew Yawan. Yauna- is, as far as I know, essentially the Old Persian form of the name, and Yavana- its Sanskrit equivalent.
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Subject: [tied] Yauna or Yavana

Piotr, and others,

if you could help.

There is some controversy and discussion on the above terms
one school seems to think Yauna means Yavana .

For Yavana read greeks, another seems ot think that Yuana was a
separate tribe, and the two words  do not have the same meaning.

What is the etymology and what your thoughts.

Best regards