Afi & Amma

From: Eris
Message: 7828
Date: 2001-07-09

I was rereading some "Norse" mythology this morning to pass a little time,
and I noticed something that might relate to a thread I started here not
too long ago:

Afi (supposedly meaning "grandfather") was the husband of Amma (||
grandmother). Are these just coincidences, or is Amma perhaps cognate to
either Anatolian *hano (PIE *xanos) or *an(n)a, and is Afi cognate to what
seems like a Semitic (or other?) word for "father"?

Here is what I [think I] know about the "father" word, since I've brought
up the "mother" word here already:

ab was [Old] Hebrew for father (abi = my father), as well as abu was
Akkadian and Assyrian for father. And, if I remember correctly, apu is
also Dravidian and Mundari for father.

Afi & Amma, [grand]father & [grand]mother, seem like a rather interesting
coincidence to me, so I thought I'd ask you opinions. =)

Thanks once again,