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From: João S. Lopes Filho
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Date: 2001-07-06

What I know is that Vulcanus and Vaergon < *welk- "to shine, to burn", cf.
Sanskrit Varcas "shine, fulgor" and ulka "metteor".
Vulcanus < *vulca:
Although Latin for wolf is lupus (<*lukwos < metathesis < *wlkwos), the
non-metathesis form would be *vulcus,volcus. With a -nos ending, it would be
*wlkwonos > vulcinus . If there's some link to wolf, *vulca: would mean
"she-wolf". So, Vulcanus would be the "Lord of the She-wolf".
I don't know any relation between Vulcanus and the wolf.

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> > In "The Pre-Christian Religion of the Alans" V. I. Abaev derives
> the
> > name of the Ossetic god of the forge Kurdalægon from an older Kurd-
> > Alæ-Wærgon meaning "The Alan Smith Wærgon." He claims that Wærgon
> > and the Latin Volcanus are cognates and derivatives of *wlkwo-
> "wolf"
> > and that "Apparently, among both the Alans and the Romans the cult
> of
> > the god of fire and the forge was related by descent to the totemic
> > cult of the wolf." Can anybody comment on this? Is Wærgon in fact
> > cognate with Volcanus and if so are there any other cognates of
> > Volcanus in Indo-Iranian?
> > -David
> I vaguely recall reading about some Linear B inscription containing
> a "khruso-(w)ergos", gold-smith (quoted from memory!), the latter
> part being cognate to "work".
> Torsten
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