Tepe, mound (Iranian)

From: S.Kalyanaraman
Message: 7756
Date: 2001-06-28


There are many sites in Iran with the lexeme prefix, 'Tepe', which
means `a mound'. There are many cognate lexemes in almost ALL Indian
languages, of antiquity. Are there cognates in IE?

Taken from Indian Lexicon (online http://sarasvati.simplenet.com ):

5069.Image: hillock: tevaru, tevar rising ground, a hillock; a balk
(Ka.); te_ri (Ta.Ma.)(Ka.lex.) tivavu steps cut on the sides of a
mountain (W.)(Ta.lex.) t.ikur a small plot of land surrounded by
water, a piece of highland surrounded by fields that are submerged
during the rains; gobindpur band talare t.ikur menaka there is a
small island in the middle of the gobindpur tank; t.an.d.i t.ikur
plain and island, all varieties of land; t.ilha t.ikurko or.ak akata
they have built houses on the rising grounds; t.ikuria of or
belonging to an island, rising ground of small area (Santali.lex.)
Sandbank; mound of earth: thum ridge of a mountain, space round a
hilltop (N.); tum.basa white ant mound (Si.)(CDIAL 13705). t.i_po,
t.ippo ridge, peak (Ku.); t.ipi_r ridge, peak (Ku.); t.ipri hilltop
(N.); t.ep mound (M.); t.epar mound (M.); t.epulo mound, ridge (Ku.);
t.ibba_ mound, sandbank, hill (L.P.); ridge, peak (Ku.); t.ibar.i_
ridge, peak (Ku.); t.ibba_ hill; t.i_ba_ hill, sandbank (H.);
t.i~_ba_ hill (WPah.); t.i~_bo sandbank, hill (G.); t.emeka_,
t.emuna_ small protuberance (A.); t.e~bo large heap (G.); t.e~b,
t.e~bh, t.e~ba_, t.e~bha_ hill, summit (M.); t.ummi high bank (A.);
t.u~bar mound, bump, wart (M.)(CDIAL 5446). d.i_p hillock, ridge
(Ku.); d.ino hilltop (Ku.); d.iba mound of earth (S.)(CDIAL 5549).
ut.a~bar rugged with mounds (M.); ut.a~bra mound (M.)(CDIAL 1692).
ut.i~bar rugged with mounds (M.); ut.i~bra_ round hill, bump (M.)
(CDIAL 1689). d.hei_ heap, small pile (P.); d.heu swelling (B.);
d.hip mound of earth raised as a mark (A.); d.hipko hillock, ridge
(Ku.); d.hipi heap (B.); d.hipa mound of earth, hillock, high ground
(Or.)[cf.dvi_pa island]; d.hibbi_ rocky knoll, hill (L.); d.hibba_
heap of sand, hill (P.); d.hibi heap (B.); d.hepa high (of land)
(Or.); d.huba_ little hill (M.)(CDIAL 5580). Island: t.opu island
(K.); t.a_pu_ (S.L.H.G.M.); t.a_ppu_ (P.); t.a_pu (N.B.Or.); t.a_pu~_
(M.)(CDIAL 5456). Mound; high-land for cultivation: tippai mound,
elevated ground (Cin-e_n. 368, Urai.); that which is bulky (Ta.);
tippe hillock (Ka.); dibba, dibbu eminence, hillock; tevar(u), tevari
rising ground, hillock (Ka.); tipp pile, hill (Tu.); tippa hill,
hillock, rock, mountain, small island, mound (Te.); dibba hillock,
mound (Te.); d.ibba mound (Pa.); dibbe hillock, mound (Ga.); dippa
highland for cultivation, forest field (Go.); Image: dais: d.epa
rising ground, high land, lower slopes of a hill, shore, earth
platform, veranda, dais (Kui); debbe hill (Kuwi); ba_'ali dibba
sandhill (Kuwi)[cf.a_li ridge in a field (N.)(CDIAL 1102)]; d.ippa_
mound, hillock (Kur.)(DEDR 3229).