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From: Piotr Gasiorowski
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Date: 2001-06-27

In my collection of kooky links I have one to a particularly kooky website owned by a Neo-Nazi who draws far-reaching conclusions from the fact that the swastika represents the numbers two, four and eight, both geometrically and "linguistically":
"It is perhaps worth noting that also, the word swastika itself seems to reflect this mathematical sequence of 2, 4, 8: the two (2) four-letter parts, swas and tika; split into the four (4) two-letter parts, sw, as, ti, ka; for a total of eight (8) letters. Note that the two parts, ti and ka, are separate syllables, but the two parts, sw and as, are spoken as a single syllable, and thus appear to have less justification to be classed as two parts, although the outer s on each of these two parts probably helps to justify the division."
In case you don't know, 2, 4 and 8 are successive powers of two, so the natural conclusion is that the swastika anticipates the binary system and computer science.
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> > It is also, of course, found very early in Greece.
> More years ago than I care to mention, I remember reading (in a
> book whose date (not my reading it, thank you) predates 1945) that
> the swastika is one of the patterns young children produced when
> allowed to scribble freely (though I doubt if having precisely four
> arms is that common among children)

I thought most of them had two?