*gem-: some additional data [was Re: [tied] Basileus]

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Date: 2001-06-14

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> It is in P. Ya. Chernyh: Istoriko-etimologicheskiy slovar'
> sovremennogo russkogo yazyka, 2nd ed., Moscow 1994.
> Pokorny and Falk & Torp are referred to.
> Russian z^at', z^mu is derived from IE *gem-, pointing at these
> in other languages:
> Greek gemein `to be (over)loaded', gomos `ship cargo';
> Middle Irish gemel `fetters';
> Norw. (dial.) kamsa and Old Scand. kumla - `press, compress, knead,
> mould'.
> P.S.

In Danish there is a puzzling (it puzzles Swedes) transitive use of
the verb "komme" (come), in the sense "put into, mix into, apply to",
e.g. "komme fløde i kaffen": "add cream to your coffe", "komme sukker
på corflaksene": "put sugar on your cereal". Someone (it might be
Møller, but I can't find it now) suggested that it was a originally a
separate verb, related to Russian z^at'.