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From: S.Kalyanaraman
Message: 7595
Date: 2001-06-12

There is an apparent semant. mixing caused by two roots in Sanskrit:
s'ru and sru.

s'ravas = shout, loud praise; glory; ear; s'ravan.a act of hearing;
that which is heard

s'ravas = (sravas) a stream, flow, a channel (RV 7.79.3)

The compound uccaihs'ravas was the name of a horse of Indra produced
during samudra manthanam -- emerging out of the churning of the ocean;
this is interpreted as 'long-eared or neighing aloud'.

Some other semant. cognate lexemes which indicate that the root used
for these is 'sru' leading to the semant. development of two meaning
streams into one -- 'flow':

samavasrava flowing off, effluence (A'svGr.)
viks.aran.a, samavasrava flowing out
atisruta = that which has been flowing over (epithet of Soma in
jalaprasaran.a = flowing off from water
a_sru = flowing in abundance
sindhusr.tya = flowing in streams (Atharva Veda)
sravanta , sravaka= flowing, dropping
pra_ksrotas = east flowing

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> Hello,
> my name is Dejan, and would like to find out more on
> the epithets with the noun "glory" ved. "sĀ“ravah". I
> would be especially interested in the ved. word for
> "everflowing" (if there is an cooccurence of "glory"
> and "everflowing" at all). I tried to find it myself,
> and failed miserably.
> Any help yould be very appreciated.
> Thank you very much,
> D.