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Date: 2001-06-10

You are right about Perun being of a different origin of course.
However I think Taranis and Thor are more than likely related. The
question you raise about the uncertainty of Hittite versus Hattic
deities is a good one. Perhaps Hattian Taru could just be a local
form of Tarhunt introduced from incoming IE folk. But I thought it
was generally thought that the Hittites borrowed most of their
deitites from Hattians, not vice versa.

The fate goddesses Papaya(not related to Baba Yaga-I should have
known better)and Isdustaya do seem to be quite old and local, though,
and quite similar to fate goddesses found in Greece, Etruria, Norse
myth. I mention Norse myth in particular as Germanic Tyr, and Thor
seem to be close to the Hittite/Hattian Tiwaz and Tarhunt. One name
of the Norse fates sounds like it could(maybe) be related to
Isdustaya, the Distes.
Let me just indulge myself and mention that Isdustaya has a mirror
as a symbol. The Etruscans were known for their love of mirrors adn
the mythological scenes found on the back. The mirror is associated
with divination, a favorite pastime of the Etruscans.

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> >>For one thing Hattic Taru is clearly related to Hittite Tarhunt,
> which means we got an IE thunder god recalling Norse Thor, Celtic
> Taranis, Slavic Perun in Hattic land.
> Is Slavic Perun = Lithuanian Perkunas = Latvian Perkons = Prussian
Percunis (= god of rain, storm and clouds Parjanya- in Sanscrit?),
which is related with Latin quercus "oak-tree" (a tree, that is
closely connected with Perkunas in the Baltic mythology), really
related with Tarhunt, etc.? V. Ivanov relate Hittite god Pirwa-
(Perwa-, Pirua-), Norse Fjorgyn (mother of Thor) with Perkunas.
> >>Sun god Tiwaz, resembling Tyr or Old English Tiw.
> Perhaps also Greek Theos, Latin Deus, Lithuanian Dievas, etc.? This
god is IE, not Hattic.
> >>It all says to me that a lot of old IE myth was very similar to
> Hattic myths. That raises some interesting questions about how
> exactly these cultures share the same myths.
> Is it easy to establish, which myth (or god) is Hattic, and which
is Hittite?

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