Re: [tied] Slavic peoples and places

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Date: 2001-06-09

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> A beginner's guide to Slavic toponymy and ethnonymy:
> *-ov- is possessive: in place-names, X-ov means "belonging to or
founded by X"; in personal names it acquires a patronymic sense;
after *-j- the vowel is fronted (*-j-ev-). Another suffix with a
similar function is *-in-, originally added to (j)a- and i-stems
(such as typical feminine nouns).
> Piotr
I recall from a Czech phrase book for tourists something like:

"Personal" adjectives:

-úv, -ová, -ovo (masculine), eg. Karlúv most (´ should be a circle)

-in, -ina, -ino (feminine) , eg. Libus^in hrad

Is the former related to the Russian "hard" masc.-neutr. gen. pl.
ending -ov?