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> Torsten,
> Are iron tools or weapon mentioned in the Ynglingesaga? And what
> riders?
> Alexander
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> I can't come up with anything it might have been the border of.
> Well, one of my ancestors used to be s boatsman on that river (the
> Gudenaa), dragging barges along the towpath (seriously!), so it's
> that dissimilar to the Volga :). It's our only navigable "river" (if
> anything here deserves that name). The town of Randers is at the
> place where it becomes a wide 30 km estuary.
> The Ynglingesaga says of Odin:
> "First he went west to Gardariki [Russia] and then south in Saxland.
> He had many sons. He won for himself a large realm in Saxland and
> there he placed his sons to rule the land; then he went North to the
> Ocean and took abode on an island, where it is now called Odinsey,
> Fyn." Obviously the town of Odense.
> Now if this actually happened (but I'm pretty sure you're
> unconvinced), this guy Odin might have spoken (or known) an Iranian
> language, jusdging from his first known position.
> (from
> http://www.cuni.cz/~pribrami/ruzne/Graesse/orblatd.html#Danus
> ).
> Torsten

Odinus was a celebrated hero of antiquity, living about 70 BC in
norhtern Germany or Denmark. He was a priest, scholar, soldier, poet,
monarch, conqueror. His people believed he could raise the dead to
life, and was a seer. After extending his realm he resolved to die a
unique death. With his lance point he made nine wounds on his body in
the form of a circle. As he died he declared he would go to Scythia
to become one of the immortal gods. He also said he would prepare
bliss and felicity for his virtuous countrymen who had died as
battlefield heroes. His people thereafter ivoked his protection in
battle and entreated him to receive the battlefiled slain.

Sorry, I do not have the name of this book at this time. It is very
authoritative, referencing the ancient authors. Unfortunately, the
source of this story was not given.