Re: [tied] Basileus

From: Piotr Gasiorowski
Message: 7491
Date: 2001-06-07

*gWm-ti-s 'motion' from *gWem- 'walk, move' is a bona fide PIE word. Apart from Gk. basis we have Skt. gati- 'motion, path, progress'. Lith. gimti, Latv. dzimt 'to be born' (< 'to come') at the very least shows the same formative principle, since Baltic and Slavic infinitives derive from deverbal nouns in *-ti-.
(BTW, as regards your other predictions, the expected but unattested Latin form would actually be truncated *vens/*ventis parallel to mens, mors < *mn-ti-s, *mr-ti-s. In Slavic we would get *gIm-tI-
> *z^e~tI, also unattested. The Proto-Celtic reflex would be *-an-, not
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From: Joăo S. Lopes Filho
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Subject: Re: [tied] Basileus

If *gWmti- had cognates in other IE languages, we must expect
Latin  *Venti-
Germanic *Kundi-, *Kunthi-
Celtic *Binti-
Indo-iranian *Gati-
Slavic *Ge,ti-
Baltic *Gimti-